Multiple exposure photography

Multiple exposure photography is as old as film photography. The above images are not photo manipulations, however much they may look like them.

They have only minor work done in Photoshop, such as adding contrast, or tweaking the exposure / saturation or cropping. The effect you see is done in camera.

This effect is created by overlaying two or more exposures on top of one another, in an old film camera, you would take one photo, then, instead of rolling the film on to get the next frame, you take another photo. Combining the two.

The result above, where the images look like sculptural pieces in the whitespace, is due to the first photograph being against a bright background, intentionally being over-exposed. When you combine it with the second image, which again has a bright background, the parts that over-expose become pure white, and the bits that exposed properly and overlap - become solid. combining to show faces made of leaves or anything you can imagine.